“Israel will be facing an unprecedented crisis that will shake its very foundations. And its leaders are completely oblivious to it.

We will soon have to expand our borders far beyond our wildest dreams – this time at the request of millions of Europeans, Americans and possibly many others who will wish to come on Aliyah.

As Europe is disintegrating before our very eyes, it’s only a matter of time before more and more Europeans will be seeking safer havens. And where else would they want to go but Israel?”

Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo

Founder and Dean of the David Cardozo Academy and the Bet Midrash of Avraham Avinu in Jerusalem


We are already on the topic. This statement I have read after I wrote my draft description of the Ephraim Peace Plan and I interpret it as a backing from a scholar. It should not be surprising, because the prophets of Israel have left us important visions for today, we just need to integrate them into our lives, our society and our politics. The better we understand them, the clearer their warnings become to us, and we can act wiser toward the future and avoid worse developments.

The Middle-East problem has been accompanying us for generations, and it seems that we are almost at the level where only war and bloodshed can solve the global tension.

The western peace plan has clearly failed. The western puzzle piece of peace can not be pushed into the Middle East without the edges breaking off and that is exactly what we are experiencing today.

The Palestinians are trying with all their might to force the world to act as marionettes on their way to the world war. (PLO Charter, Art. 22 – … “the Palestinian people look for the support of all the progressive and peaceful forces and urge them all, irrespective of their affiliations and beliefs, to offer the Palestinian people all aid and support in their just struggle for the liberation of their homeland.”)

But we do not want to go to the world war, to the war of Gog UMaGog or Armageddon, because that is just a warning, which we should quickly take up with a peace solution, a solution that is all-embracing. That is why it is about the creation of the necessities that make this possible. If we do not match this, the ultimate goal will be achieved, and this will be a pacified Middle East as the hub of the world, a spiritual center with solutions for all suffering and harm, that even nature will change and children will be able to touch unscathed the hole of a snake and the sheep lies next to the lion. Only – the price will be much higher. But the messianic age can also be achieved with understanding in a better way. How?

This is about the Ephraim Peace Plan. We must know that the thread of Scripture is the restoration of ancient Israel, the Redemption. We were able to witness already the returning of a large part of Jews to their homeland after nearly 2000 years. From here on we can safely say that the messianic age has begun to show us their divine development and suddenly, old prophecies became reality, which many had already claimed that they had replaced to them and so become irrelevant for the Jews.

But if we read the Scriptures, we have already overlooked something: Israel was not just Jewish, Israel was split, and the northern kingdom, which separated from Judah, the southern kingdom, was exiled 722 BCE, lost and assimilated everywhere, no matter where they reached. We also speak of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. And this is exactly the point when we are talking about the restoration of Israel, then it concerns the Jews AND the tribes of Israel. They have to reunite themselves in their homeland, and the creating of the messianic kingdom of peace is their and our approach. Our task now is to identify the ways that lead to his goal and explain it to everyone, so that everyone can decide for the best way and will not be lured into the world war by hate drivers, like marionettes. And if the world does not become apparent, everyone should know the possibility of the emergency exit.


Since the 1970/80s, more and more people from the Christian world have come to the conclusion that they have their own identity. On the one hand, they are referring to their Bible, but on the other hand they can not prove it  one hundred percent, and it remains a series of indications. Since they can not longer identify themselves with the traditional doctrines of Christianity, and have found the valid Identity of  Ephraim in their Bible, which is a tribe of Israel and  had received very similar prophecies like the Jews, they come to the conclusion that they would be called Ephraim in the Bible.

Basics and Sources

When we look back in the history of Israel, we discover that after the kingdom of King Solomon, the Israelite kingdom fell into two kingdoms, which then fought against each other. While the southern kingdom of Judah continued to follow the tradition of Israel, the northern kingdom withdrew from it, engaged in idolatry, and was captured  722 BC into exile through the Assyrian empire. The tribes of the northern kingdom are also called the lost ten tribes, and are referred to the “Old Testament writings” as the house of Israel, House Yosef, or in short – Ephraim.

In many prophetic promises, the returning of Ephraim is described in analogy to the returning of the Jews.  That means that even if Ephraim was for a long time lost or unknown, it will be necessary in the coming time that Ephraim becomes recognizable again and has its own identity . The happy end in the Bible would otherwise not be conceivable (explained later). This awakening has already begun and the movement is growing rapidly.

In Orthodox Judaism this is well known, and there are also Rabbis who have been searching for the lost tribes, since decades. They have found tribes in the East, India and other places and sometimes they have transported the characteristic and traditional signs of an Israelite cult. In India, they call themselves the Bnei Menashe, the children of Menasse, a tribe from Israel. Many have already been accepted into Judaism and have “rediscovered” their place in Israel. More and more cases of found  Israeli identity becoming known, also in Africa.

Unlike these Rabbis, the Britam movement came to the conclusion that the tribes migrated not only to the east, but also to the north and to the west. An extensive research can be discover there. Yair Davidiy also provides biblical and rabbinical evidence for this: http://www.britam.org

This would mean that many of the tribes of Israel are in Christian countries, Britam reports it detail. An “awakening” here is no longer an unusual matter, and the magnitude of the movement compels us to deal with this subject matter.

The Ephraim Movement

The Ephraim movement comes from Christianity. Depending on the level of understanding, these Ephraim followers, combined with Israeli insights, rediscover them with their Messiah Yeshua, who often guides them spiritually. Yair Davidiy offers his studies without any participation from the Christian doctrines, but leaves to each individual or each group its own conclusions. The state of knowledge is very different, there are more and more who celebrate the Shabbat, the Saturday, instead of Sunday, and even confess to the commandments of the Torah and try to keep them according there potential.

Thus there are many groups, but all have the same identification of an Ephraim and continue to work on the details.

All of my expositions are likewise Davidiy’s, not bound by Christian doctrines, and refer exclusively to the Hebrew writings, which can give sufficient information for further explanation and research, and can therefore be designated as the original for me. I see, however, that this movement must be granted a free space in the development, but an advise by the original is still needed. If quotations from Christianity should be made by me, they should by no means prove the correctness of the doctrine, but should point to more precise interpretations, or allow other conclusions which do not correspond to the known doctrine.

Ephraim in the Middle East as a building block for peace

As already mentioned above, Ephraim experiences a similar return to the land of  the fathers, the prophets described so. The return of the Jews from all directions of the earth, which is by no means finished, was a miracle, and the return of Ephraim will also attract attention in the world.

Even today, we see a change in the Middle East. For more than 90 years, the Palestinians and the Arab states have tried to destroy, wage, and terrorize the State of Israel, but without success. All the world, however, expects a solution and relaxation there, all efforts have not led to any result, and the ideas of the Western world will not be realizable either.

At the same time, we are experiencing a number of changes in the West, which can even set up terrifying images for the future. The crises in eastern Europe, the impending financial crisis, the emerging world government, the confrontation against terror, the refugee problem and the feelings of an Islamization of large parts of the population in the West, just to name a few.

Both complexes, the problems in the Middle East and those of the western world must be dealt with and will meet early or later each other and will lead to necessary basic decisions of their own identity.

For Ephraim, it will become clear that the development in the western world will lead him to an argument with his fellow citizen and he can no longer support many of his decisions. Likewise, Ephraim will recognize that in the Middle East Israel is becoming more and more under pressure and even in the near future this can lead to an escalation that would not have a benefit for anyone and with this starts precisely the task for Ephraim.

Ephraim’s task to find his new identity

A conventional identification with Christian institutions and doctrines can no longer be maintained by the Ephraimites. The disappearance of the Replacement Theology, the acceptance of Judaism and the Israeli State are increasingly contradictory regard to Christianity Identity and leads to confusion. Solving the religious and political problems in the West will be less and less moral, ethical, and less religious. We can speak of an identity crisis in the Christian world.

On the other hand, the Identity of Ephraim – as a second part alongside Judah in Israel – becomes more and more evident. The religious structures are getting closer to Judaism and thus also to the land of Israel. The Mountains of Ephraim were the homeland in the time of the Biblical Israel. Since the prophets of Israel also described a return to the land of the fathers for the lost ten tribes, for whom Ephraim is the leader, the identity of Ephraim is also closely related to the claim to the land.

In addition to the fact that Israeli people or friendly groups, whether political or cultural, lose their support in their society, they are soon isolated in their own world, just like the Jews. This is another motor for the consolidation of the new identity.

Ephraim as a peace mission

With a presence in the Middle East, or rather in Samaria, on the hills of Ephraim, a part of the today’s “West Bank”, the problems in this region between Palestinians and Israelis could be solved. On the one hand, Ephraim make the claim on his settlement of the area, but at the same time he enters into a cooperation with the Palestinians. This cooperation is to serve the establishment of an economic center in the Middle East. Ephraim acts as a supervisor and guarantees to the Palestinians against Israel the economic development, a peaceful future for their children in an extended autonomy in Israel. Ephraim is also committed to the conditions of the autonomy, but bears the responsibility for development, including for the ethical states and events in this autonomy. Ephraim would join the concept of Torah in his own developments and the Palestinians would commit themselves to the seven Noahide commands. Both, Ephraim, and the Palestinians accept the conditions of autonomy and thus the sovereignty of Israel. The problem can be  solved by encapsulating with the same goals for all parties involved. Peace and economic success will be used as a guarantee for prosperity in the future.

The Ephraim Peace Plan requires the following points to be necessary or justified

1. Disempowerment of the Palestinian leaders, for they are the continuation of the Nazi-Ally, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, which was followed by Arafat, Abbas and Hamas today. The Grand Mufti had begun to destroy the earlier friendship and cooperation between Jews and Arabs in 1920 and sow hatred in this region. This hate is still spreading today and destroys both camps and leads today to the escalation in the world.

The leaders have led their people into misery, deceived them, sent them and their children to death, and even have corruptly stolen the donations, Arafat had almost one billion to his Swiss account, and the palace of Abbas is also not corresponding for a leader of a ” Oppressed “people, never mind to talk about the Hamas.

The leaders are replaced

  1. with or without the agreement of the UN
  2. by the Israeli government / army
  3. by sanctions of funds

Remark, funds to support the Palestinians do not get their destiny, and by their support of  glorification and incitement of terror, any further support is forbidden, the hope of peace, while maintaining the status quot, is absurd.

2. A Palestinian state will not established, instead seeking an extended autonomy in which self-determination and improvement of the situation can be achieved.

Note that a Palestinian state would automatically mean war, because Israel can not rely on instability! Signing a peace contract with Abbas would be meant to suppress important security risk and the “West Bank” would turn in a “Hamastan” state, there are many States, incl Turkey, waiting to support in this case. Abbas himself has dismissed Oslo, distanced itself from bilateral negotiations, and now he demands that the UN press Israel to its misfortune, that no government in Israel would accept it.

3. Alternative to war.

As mentioned above, the interests of the Palestinian leaders aim to force the Palestinian state with the support of the UN and the world public against Israel. If this step ever takes place, everyone knows that Israel can not accept it and hold against it with its strength. The PA would demand immediate protection from the UN and the world would be involved by the PA as a marionette, whether it wants an escalation or not.

Since an escalation will neither be the desire of the world nor the world publicity, because its fatal consequence, it is absolutely necessary to look for alternatives to solve this growing conflict. The EPP starts exactly at this point. The world has to decide whether it wants a world war or not, the PA will demand or provoke a fatal war for their well described liberation. A rejection of the Palestinian State would mean peace and at the same time disempowerment of the Palestinian leadership by their own people.

It will not be a problem for Ephraim to ensure security and well-being for the Palestinians. The world would be well advised to reject a Palestinian state.

4. Why should Israel agree with this plan?

As mentioned above, Israel should not be interested in further wars or involvement by the UN; the security situation does not allow a Palestinian State and UN intervention without negotiations, obligations, and regulation of the Hamas problem; the answer would be a war and fatal consequences for the whole world.

Since the territory of the PA is controlled by its own administration in Israel today, Ephraim’s settlement will not disturb there, but will be a contribute for the work of a peaceful cooperation.

Some other reasons:

4.1. Peace

Israel’s interests and efforts are and always have been peace. Israel is very aware of the price of self-defense, has concluded peace with Egypt and Jordan, and has submitted several large offers to the Palestinians, which all of them have been rejected. All gestures of peace were answered with terror. If Ephraim could succeed in his peace mission, Israel would only have to take care of the militants and terrorists Palestinians. This would, of course, dramatically reduce military costs, and the funds could be invested in Ephraim’s peace efforts and Israel’s benefit.

4.2. Business center in the Middle East

One of the most important motivations will be an expansion of the economy and industry in the autonomy (“West Bank”). Projects of unimagined proportions could be realized in cooperation and distributed through Israel’s economic routes. The Middle East can also become the hub of the world in economy and everyone would benefit from it.

4.3. It is a prophetic vision

The fact that the Hebrew Bible mentions the return of Ephraim and that Ephraim itself shares the autonomy with the Palestinians, a bad competition or exclusion Israels by the Ephraimites could be excluded, the Jews, were also brought back to their homeland and a reconciliation between Judah and Ephraim was predicted by the Prophets of Israel. 

5. Why the UN should accept this solution?

5.1. Even though man likes to blame Israel for the whole problem, everyone knows that the Palestinians did not make peace at the end and that they always wanted the elimination of Israel. The UN knows that Israel does not force itself to a peace dictate by the UN. This can not be the result of Israel’s own interest, see above, and means that an accepted Palestinian state would be born in war. At the same time, the Palestinians call for protection of their population by the UN. This is not just a blue helmet peace observance insistence, but would lead to escalatation in the Middle East with the threat of world war. Even if the UN wants to force Israel , there own shirt is closer to their body, than this of the Palestinians.

5.2. A peace mission through Ephraim is like a peaceful “blue- helmet” deployment, completely unproblematic, pacifies the region, is controllable and the parties are concentrating on their own advantages, it serves as a motor, there is simply no better motivation. To whom does not the old proverb fall: If two argue, the third is pleased? Here, however, it is not even a matter of the fact that the third takes everything from them, but the third is absolutely necessary. Without Ephraim it would be the UN, but without Israels acceptance, see above, it would lead a world war.

6. Why the Palestinians will accept this solution?

The Palestinians have waged more than 90 years to destroy the Jews from Palestine. In each attempt to achieve their goal, they have lost. They have lost their children and lost their future and living only in this brutal fight as they received their poison, the hatred from leaders, since 1920 by the Grand Mufti, later by Arafat and Mr. Abbas is acting to them today.

Palestinians would disempowering  the corrupt leaders by themselves. Recent studies proves that Palestinians, working at Israeli industrial centers, are absolutely satisfied, they have equal payment and the same conditions, they building villas and driving luxurious cars. If Ephraim lived next to them under the same conditions, any threshold against Israelis would fall away and business would be more relaxed in this new co-operation.

The “resistance” of the Palestinians can be sustained only by hatred, coercion, torture and lies within the Palestinian population. If these negative influences were omitted, they would be able to open their eyes and take care of their families.

7. Why should Ephraim do this at all?

Actually, I have already written the answer in the introduction. But if you look more closely at Ephraim, the knowledge and visions of his own identity has grown faster than any other group that has separated from their environment. These people have left the church in which they grew up, they keep the Shabbat and learn the laws of Israel, the Torah. In addition, there are more and more people who following this claim.

This happened without Jewish supervision, this movement has its own dynamic. Israel is also their homeland and the prophets also speak of their return, but in Israel there is so far no official format for an Ephraimite and therefore no chance to receive citizenship. Ephraim has absolute sympathy for Israel (Judah), but their absorption has not yet been attained in Israel and was almost not formulated.

Even though Ephraim would have to play a social role here, Ephraim could again live in Samaria, on the hills of Ephraim and develop their own, newly found, ethical society and ask Judah for advice and support. An union as the restored Kingdom of Israel, as in the time of David, would then be the next step, and the boundaries and hurdles would fall between them, and the healing of this process would spread throughout the world and spread peace to the entire world.


Yes, utopia, if not this, there will be no other form, and only spaceships can bring hope, but they will not be able to land anywhere.

It may be that there is a different idea of the solution, although I think my idea is a superlative. The end will, however, look like this, everyone can read it in his Bible in Ezekiel 37, 15ff. Anyone who does not speak the meaning of the Bible will not have followed this article until now. But whoever calls the Bible a measure of truth, does not get around this happy ending.

8. Peace process realized by setting up entities

The EPP is not a ready and fixed solution, nor is a multy-culture required by force. Rather, it is a process that is to be developed into the ability to live together for each individual group which ideally ends into an One-State Solution.

The autonomy provides scope for itself for its own development and limits the relationship in the cooperation according to certain rules and agreements. Some individual religious limitations or necessities are regulated in advance. This means that obstacles to peaceful cooperation are also regulated, each group has its own obstacles, which are taken into account, these points are regulated in the Ethical Committee.

Israel can easily continue its Jewish Identity and visionary with his leadership. Its economic and political connections will be useful for the cooperation, but gains from autonomy also fall back for the benefit of the autonomy.

9. Regulation of any cooperation and ethical / religious conditions

Not only the economic cooperation must be regulated in a consistent manner, but the religious and ethical conditions also have to be set up in advance and must also be reworked according to the level of the development process. The Ethical Committee is responsible for this and establishes the guidelines. Politicians, economists, and religious deputies, such as rabbis, will lead this committee from all entities, but Israel will remain a sovereign state with the right of its veto.

Significant obstacles such as e.g. Missionary, inter religious marriages, idolatry and certain religious practices, as well as violence, should be forbidden from the Jewish perspective. Identities that lead back to the dogmas of Christianity and Mohammed can not be permissible either, and would hinder the process of unification in the future.

10. Absorption and quotes

Finally, this starting process, begins with the western Ephraimites and will have there own dynamic, the dynamic of the Redemption will be overwhelming: “Then you will say in your heart, ‘Who bore me these? I was bereaved and barren; I was exiled and rejected. Who brought these up? I was left all alone, but these—where have they come from?’ ”This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “See, I will beckon to the nations, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their hips. ” . Isiah 49: 21-22(NIV)

This Plan will begin for a candidate after he has reached acceptance by Officials of Ephraim with a one year probationary period in the Ephraim area and can get after this a five year temporary citizenship. After the first year the Ethical Committee will decide about giving over his extension of the five year temporary citizenship and after the sixth year about handing over his citizenship.

All quotes and conditions are predefined for the Ethical Committee and have to be updated every year by the Ethical Committee.

In the area of the Palestinians every Palestinian get by accepting the conditions his five year temporary citizenship and after this, like mentioned above, his citizenship.

Palestinians who are not willing to accept the conditions or procedure can choose to live in an Palestinian Emirate (see below) or to leave the country.

If his loyalty  is still doubtful, his temporary citizenship can be renewed for a period, instead to hand over him citizenship.

A temporary citizenship can be changed by the Ethical Committee to deportation (to Palestinian Emirate) in cases of transgression.

11. Integration with other plans:


11.1 Dr Tsvi Misinai has been describing for over 20 years that most Palestinians are descended from Jewish roots. He has, of course, proved his investigations, he has published his results in books and videos and he is working on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, on his efforts to reach reconciliation and peace.





His work shows a solution to peace,  clearly necessary  without this Palestinian leadership, so that two brothers do not have to wage war against each other. The Palestinians have been misguided and incited to hatred and terror.


11.2 Dr. Mordechai Kedar has designed an alternative solution by building for the Palestinian Emirates, which are city centers in the middle of Israel. The expert makes it clear that the Palestinians can never form a unity because, like many other Arab tribes, they are tribes and thus are not suitable for unity. States like Gaza or/and Ramallah will be formed to emirates in the middle of Israel, in a one-state solution.







I have rediscovered both solutions in the prophets, in Zachariah 9: 5-7 :

“Ashkelon will see it and fear; Gaza will writhe in agony, and Ekron too, for her hope will wither. Gaza will lose her king and Ashkelon will be deserted. A mongrel people will occupy Ashdod, and I will put an end to the pride of the Philistines. I will take the blood from their mouths, the forbidden food from between their teeth. Those who are left will belong to our God and become a clan in Judah, and Ekron will be like the Jebusites. ”

What is described here is the cities of the Philistines, which suddenly appear again in the end time and are here an allusion to the Palestinians (my interpretation). Here it is clear that violence and blood will no longer play a role, their magnanimity and their vision will come to an end . What remains is remarkable, on the one hand that they will confess to the eternal and even live like a tribe in Judah. This reflects the efforts of  Dr. Tsvi Misinai.

Then it will be clear that not all Palestinians will follow a One- State Solution with Israel, they will live in Emirates, like Jebusites tenants. What was so special about the Jebusites?

Abimelech received from Abraham a promise that he, his children and grand children, could continue to live there. When Joshua was to conquer  the land much later, he couldn’t defeat the Jebusites, because the promise of Abraham was still enduring, even heaven did not give permission for the taking.

It is the same with Ekron, it could be Gaza or Ramallah, which can not be bound in a peace plan, because they are at least 70 years of promise by the Zionist leaders and this promise in heaven can not be easily erased either.

However, peace will become feasible under Israel’s sovereignty, and the result of this peace will spread further in the world and take the next step in messianic peace.


11.3 Stephen Spykerman, a pioneer in the Ephraim Movement is planing a prototype Kibbutz for Ephraimites in Israel. His idea can be a part in this plan as well. The requests by candidates is present. He is also the co-founder of the “Commonwealth of Israel” (COI) which is active involved in the process of reconciliation between Judah and Ephraim with conferences since 2016.




The EPP is open for innovations and other participants and also political or other movements, to bring Ephraim and the Redemption closer for the benefit of all. Every plan, idea or cooperation has to undergo an integration process, to make the main idea happen.

What should I do?

Spreading, participating and supporting.

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