Welcome to the ‘Ephraim Peace Plan’ (EPP), an alternative solution for the ‘Middle East Conflict’, which includes participation of the “Lost Ten Tribes” of the Biblical Israel, also  called “Ephraim”.

The so-called ‘Two State Solution’ has failed, and continued support for the corrupt Palestinian leadership will only lead to pressure on Israel and finally to escalation and world war.

The current identity crisis in the Western Christian world and the unsolved tensions with the Palestinians can only be fixed with a vision and understanding of the process called Redemption, the thread that runs throughout the Bible.

Here you will find the structure, motivation, and necessity of the EPP, a solution which will deal with the concerns and rejections of each involved entities, Jews, Ephraimites and Palestinians.

The goal is to reach ‘World Peace’ by way of The Redemption and without another world war.

We invite you to study with us

– the divine plan in history and in the “End Of Days”
– where the western world was misguided in religion and politics
– the history of the “Lost Ten Tribes”/ ‘Ephraim’
– the Biblical vision of Ephraim
– the dispute of Yaacov and Esav in its continuation in our days
– the role for Ephraim in the peace of the world
the architecture of the Redemption

Clarifying these topics will help us understand the recommendations of the ‘Ephraim Peace Plan’ (EPP) and how we can support, participate and drive the EPP into realization.

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